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Cozy Cat Bed

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 How often should you wash and replace your cat’s beds? 

  • Beds can become soiled with dead skin cells, oils, dirt, dust mites, bacteria and parasites.  🐾 🐾
  • Choose a bed with a removable cover so that it can be washed every few weeks.  
  • It is suggested that you wash bedding once every two weeks. 
  • If you or your pet suffers from allergies, sheds, or spends any time outdoors, then it's suggested once a week.  
  • It is recommended that you completely replace your cat’s bed once a year.


✔️ Discover the benefits of this Cozy Cat Bed. 


  1. Cozy and warm:  The interior is lined with super soft microfiber flannel.  The outer surface features a soft, warm plush that keeps the cat comfortable during warmer weather. Both fabrics are soft-to-the-touch and made to suit your pet's desired comfort level. 
  2. Design:  The pet pocket provides a natural sense of safety.  This secure nesting environment hugs and reduces your cat's anxiety.  The interior of the cat bed is self-insulating.  Your cat will enjoy a truly restful night of sleep on top during the summer or in the cozy pet pocket during the winter. 
  3. Time Saver:  The Cozy Cat Bed is machine washable.  Cleans as quick as a load of laundry.  Machine wash, gentle cycle, then tumble dry  🐾



Small:      (40x40cm)   (16x16in)

Medium:  (50x50)        (20x20in)

Large:      (65x65)        (25x25in)