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Classy Cat Climber

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This Cat Climber offers your cat a cozy space for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.

The Cat Climber is the perfect activity center for your cat or kitten to keep busy all day long with endless opportunities.


  • 2 different locations to play and relax
  • Provides a soft flannelette cushion for comfort
  • Sisal scratching pads have been proven to keep your cat from damaging furniture, carpet, curtains, and drapes.
  • Benefits claw health by removing dead layers and assists in new claw development.
  • Pet parents enjoy claw and damage free furniture.
  • The plush ball keeps your cat captivated and entertained. It also encourages exercise which makes a mentally happy cat.
  • The natural sisal scratching surface allows the cat to stretch its body which promotes flexibility in the shoulder and back muscles. Great for your cat’s overall health.  
  • The sisal fiber of the scratching pad is satisfying for your cat and supports an emotionally healthy and happy cat.
  • The act of using the sisal scratch pad is a great way for your cat to release pent up energy and exercise.
  • Designed specifically to save space.


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Brand Name: Cawayi Kennel
Material: Wood
Model Number: PS6181