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⭐️ Save time with this 3 Liter cat drinking fountain that requires less attention. 

Most fountains are 2L and 2.5L.  This brilliant fountain holds 3 Liters of water and requires less maintenance time, but still provides fresh clean water for your cat. 

✔️ 360° circulating filtration:  The circulating water channel design provides continuous clean water.  The flowing water is in full contact with the filter, and the circulating filtration is more sufficient.
✔️ Auto Power-off:  The pump will shut off automatically when the water runs out to protect the pump from overheating and burning out.
✔️ 5V USB power supply: Safe and environmentally friendly.  Suitable for 5V USB charging interface which ensures your pet will not be injured by electric shock.
✔️ Easy Water observation at the top:  helps you keep track of when it's time to add water.

⭐️ Separate design for quick cleaning:  Specifically designed to save time this unique fountain's bucket and top layer are separate to keep the line from dragging which makes cleaning quick and easy 😍

⭐️3L large capacity:  You will only need to refill the water once or twice a week instead of daily. 😍

Filter replacement instructions:

  1. Filter cartridges are recommended to be changed every 30 days in order to achieve positive filtration results.
  2. Recommended - Before you replace the new filter, soak it in clean water for 2 minutes to discard the loose powder. 

USB interface

Color: Black, white, pink, and blue